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“Alumni have the ability and duty to demand that their schools maintain the reasons for which they were created. But to be effective, alumni need to organize.”
Stuart Taylor Jr. and Edward Yingling

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Knowing your civil liberties is the first step towards taking action for the causes you care about. When you Learn with FIRE, you’ll take courses on a wide range of topics, including free speech and due process, designed by our expert staff. 


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"As alumni, we were concerned with actions taken by the Administration, and felt some corrections were needed for the long term good of the Institute. However, it's difficult to know how alumni can best help their school. FIRE provides that information and then equips us with the tools to bring positive change."
Charles Davis, MIT Free Speech Alliance

The MIT Free Speech Alliance mobilizes alumni to take proactive efforts to ensure the university prioritizes free speech, open inquiry, and viewpoint diversity.

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