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Next Meeting:
Aug 16, 2022
Welcome to Texans for Immigration Reduction and Enforcement
Tracy Gee
Community Center
3599 Westcenter Dr.
(2 blocks east of
Beltway 8, south on 
Westcenter Drive
from richmond Dr.)
Houston Tx
Meeting begins at

Texans For Immigration Reduction and Enforcement
P.O Box 771014  l  Houston, Texas 77215  l  Phone: 877-246-0473
Email: info@tfire.org

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TFIRE's purpose as a Non-Profit organization is to call for strict control of the borders of the United States.

We favor the rigorous enforcement of existing laws against persons who illegally enter or reside in the United States.

We work to oppose or repeal laws and programs that encourage illegal immigration and residence.

Finally, we work to educate the public and work with our elected representatives to achieve these objectives.
We no longer serve meals at our meetings, but you are invited to bring snacks to eat and to share. We share sandwiches, cookies, cakes, dips, crackers, munchies that we all enjoy with our friends. TFIRE supplies water and coffee.

Please bring friends, neighbors, relatives, and co-workers to meet and hear Mr. Escalante.​

A nationally known writer and speaker on the process and risks inherent in an Article V Constitutional Convention, Mr. Armando Escalante will explain the technicalities and extreme risk of this idea and the dangers we now face as some states, including Texas, continue to call for such a convention.
The public and many leaders see this as a pathway to address the failures of our elected officials to honor their oath of office to support the Constitution. You will be most interested in what our speaker has to say and leave with greater understanding of this part of our Constitution! (It will NOT be boring!)​

Armando Escalante is the John Birch Society’s Development Officer for the TX, OK, AR, and LA territory. He has been an activist, researcher and public speaker and has led Bible classes for 25 years. He is often a guest on liberty radio shows as well as Republican clubs and Patriot groups.

Larry and Carolyn Korkmas heard Armando when he made this presentation in Temple (Central Texas), and they wanted all of TFIRE to hear him on this subject. BRING FRIENDS!
Armando Escalante 
John Birch Society’s Development Officer for the TX, OK, AR, and LA territory.

Come for an eye-opening presentation that will help bring understanding to the dangers of a Constitutional Convention, the reason and history of why its promoters want it, and the strategy being used today to market the convention method in Article V to conservatives.