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TFIRE's purpose as a Non-Profit organization is 
to call for strict control of the borders of the 
United States.

We favor the rigorous enforcement of existing laws against persons who illegally enter or reside in the United States.

We work to oppose or repeal laws and programs that encourage illegal immigration and residence.

Finally, we work to educate the public and work 
with our elected representatives to achieve these objectives.
Texans For Immigration Reduction and Enforcement, Inc.
P.O Box 771014  l  Houston, Texas 77215  l  Phone: 877-246-0473
Email: info@tfire.org

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Next Event: May 21 Meeting
Tracy Gee Community Center
3599 Westcenter Dr.
Houston, TX 77042
May 21, 2019 - George Rodriguez
Immigration, Racism, and Fake News
Registration: 5:30 - 6pm
Dinner: 6 - 6:45pm
Meeting: 6:45pm
Two blocks east of Beltway 8,
South on Westcenter Drive from Richmond Avenue
Welcome to Texans for Immigration Reduction and Enforcement
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Texans For Immigration Reduction and Enforcement
P.O Box 771014  l  Houston, Texas 77215  l  Phone: 877-246-0473
Email: info@tfire.org

George Rodriguez, known as “El Consevador,” is a syndicated writer, commentator, and webcaster and one of a handful of Hispanic conservatives who is regularly called on to comment in the state and 
national media. His opinion editorials reach thousands of readers in south and central Texas through several local newspapers and his webcast on Blog Talk Radio.com reaches as many as 20-30,000 listeners. 
Born in Laredo, Texas and raised in San Antonio, George has dedicated his life to sharing conservative values with Hispanics and with all Americans. As a Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush appointee, he worked for the Dept. of Justice and also worked with the White House and with Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) on civil rights and immigration legislation.